What my clients say

I cannot recommend Belinda highly enough. After years in which the pain in one leg was getting gradually but steadily worse, I consulted a doctor and a physiotherapist, plus a visit to a minor injuries unit in extreme pain. No-one came up with a diagnosis, still less a solution. Then Belinda was recommended to me. Within 20 minutes of arrival she had (as it turned out) correctly identified the problem and prescribed the exercises to sort it. And it worked. Transformative for me but presumably all in a day’s work for her. Thank you, Belinda.

~ Susan

“Belinda has helped me several times over many years with foot, shoulder and elbow issues. Her diagnosis skills are exceptional – and from there the road to healing is faster as we were treating the correct problem. She gives you easy-to-follow home exercises as well as constant care and encouragement.”

~ Tricia

“Foot and ankle problems are often difficult to manage from a physiotherapy perspective.
Belinda has a wealth of experience with such patients but also a clear understanding of how a foot should function. She has been away on maternity leave , and I very much look forward to her return.”

~ Ioan Tudur Jones
(Foot and ankle surgeon, Fortius Clinic)

“Belinda has truly saved me from having a further operation on my back multiple times. She has been my physio for 12 years and I would never hesitate to recommend her services to friends, family and clients. What makes her so fabulous is her technical and physiological knowledge of the body coupled with her practical approach to treatment. She has helped me get fit and strong post operation (discectomy), during two complicated pregnancies and postnatally too. Without sounding too sycophantic, she has been my saviour and I trust her implicitly.”

~ Chloe

“I was on tour and I felt a sudden pain in my back while lifting a heavy weight. One session with Belinda did the job and I could finish a week’s worth of work with no pain. She then handed me a few exercises to do on my own to prevent further potential problems. I still make use of those today! Great professional.”

~ Dani Ruiz Hernandez

“I first met Belinda when she treated me for a shoulder injury 13 years ago. Since then she has helped me get over a number of sports injuries from a bulging disc to a pulled hamstring and sciatica. Belinda is hands down the best physio I’ve ever worked with. I can’t recommend her highly enough.”

~ Felix

“I am so incredibly grateful to have Belinda as my physio! For years I had been suffering from multiple sports injuries including an ACL tear, inguinal hernia and a ruptured disc. It was thanks to Belinda’s advice and treatment that I now have my life back and am on the road to recovery! I would highly recommend BM Physio to anyone who needs treatment with a true professional. Thanks again!”

~ Jonathan

“I am a rock climber and my first appointment with Belinda was 7 years ago. Over the years she has helped me to recover from multiple injuries (a persistent shoulder injury, a serious back injury and a minor knee injury). Belinda has supported me through competitions and outdoor objectives. She understands the importance of these events to an athlete. Her expertise and advice always gives me the confidence to make good choices about whether to push on or to step back. Most importantly, Belinda has guided me to understand my body, to move and train better. With her support, I finally broke the pattern of repeated injuries. I am now stronger, more resilient and performing better in my sport than ever before. I could not have done this without Belinda.”

~ Xian