Results you want and care you deserve

“I am so incredibly grateful to have Belinda as my physio! For years I had been suffering from multiple sports injuries
and now I have my life back.”

~ Jonathan

Belinda Marshall

I am Belinda Marshall, an experienced musculoskeletal physiotherapist based in South Heath in the Chilterns. I offer expert diagnosis and treatment for aches and pains all over the body. Over 14 years I have worked with an extensive range of sportsmen and women, from runners, skiers and triathletes to rugby players, ironmen, climbers, golfers, and tennis players. I also work with mums/dads, office workers, teachers, gym bunnies, and ramblers – in fact, people from all walks of life.

More than 80% of my patients respond quickly to physiotherapy alone and require no further investigations. If for any reason you don’t respond to physiotherapy after three sessions, I have the ability to refer you to many excellent specialists, and can even refer you for a private MRI scan to check that there isn’t more to the problem.

Your care is my number one priority so I want you to get better and stay that way.

Why physiotherapy?

Perhaps you turned your ankle when running, went to A&E and they told you it was a ligament sprain and it would take time, but to rest. But four weeks on you are still limping, your ankle is still very swollen and it feels incredibly weak. You certainly can’t run.

Or perhaps you bent down to pick up a pair of socks and your back ‘went’. You experienced the most excruciating pain so you went to your GP who prescribed anti-inflammatories and rest. Around 70% us of experience back pain in our lives and it is very scary when it happens.

When you get injured your body finds a clever way of carrying on, moving differently to compensate for the pain. This leads to further problems down the line and you rarely return to normal without addressing the weakness and stiffness as a result of your injury. This is where I come in. I won’t just release the tight muscles, or mobilise the stiff joints. I will address the underlying issues, and get you to a point where you are robust enough not only to pick up a pair of socks, but also to do a bungee jump if this is what you want to do!

BM Physio experience

At your appointment I will listen carefully to what is troubling you. I will ask lots of questions about your symptoms, how long the problem has been going on, and whether you know how it occurred – sometimes these things creep in gradually. Your lifestyle might also have a bearing on the issue.

Then I will examine you, observing your movement from head to toe. Even if your pain is in your big toe, this can link to your back, neck or even how you move! I will check your joint and muscle flexibility as well as your strength. If you are a runner, I might watch you run. If you get pain when you pick up your baby, I might ask you to pick him/her up to see what strategies your body uses to move.

I will go through my findings with you and then discuss the treatment options including how long it might take. During this first session I will start treating you, as well as teaching you a home exercise programme to make progress between appointments.

You are welcome to contact me between sessions with any questions or concerns.