Meet the Team

Belinda Marshall BSc (Hons)
Chartered physiotherapist
Running rehabilitation
Sports massage

Belinda is a musculoskeletal physiotherapist who has treated patients across Fulham, Kensington, Chelsea and Notting Hill since 2008. And in 2014 she started BM Physio Ltd to focus on providing quality physiotherapy with a personal touch.

The challenge of getting to the bottom of a complex injury is what Belinda likes most. Belinda listens to a patient’s story, strives to really understand what makes her patient tick and then carefully assesses and diagnoses the cause of the problem. She truly believes that physiotherapy isn’t about treating symptoms, it’s about finding the underlying issue and curing it.

Belinda has a passion for foot and ankle injuries and works alongside top orthopaedic surgeons and sports doctors. And if you have a running injury you’re in good hands as Belinda has treated hundreds of ultramarathon and marathon runners. She also treats many triathletes, tennis and squash players. Her skills are not only used on sporting injuries though, Belinda treats many daily niggles including back and neck pain from sitting at computers all day to shoulder pain from repetitive strain activities.

Belinda has completed postgraduate courses in functional therapeutic movement, running rehabilitation, and the sporting shoulder, as well as foundations in acupuncture, and spinal manual therapy concepts. She is also a fully qualified sports massage therapist. These are all skills that she may choose to use in order to promote a speedy recovery from any injury.

Work is not the only thing that Belinda loves. She is a keen runner and loves her snow sports. She is happiest on her skis in the French Alps.